City Giving Day 2020

With larger numbers of city employees working remotely than ever before, this City Giving Day we’re pleased to provide a first-of-a-kind digital solution that allows you, your colleagues and friends to participate in fundraising activities out of the office.

Not everyone knows that The City of London invests significant sums into communities and causes to change lives and make a wider positive impact on society - let’s come together remotely this year to spread the word and raise funds for causes in need.

a Colleague

This year sponsor colleagues, friends or family to complete challenges that you set them.

a Donation

Use our Charity Calculator to see the difference your donation can make for each of our charities.

Select Challenges

Sponsor colleagues or friends to complete challenges you set them
They’ll be encouraged to post evidence to social media

Select at least one challenge and one nominee

Zero Expression Lemon Eating

Challenge someone to eat a slice of lemon without making an expression

Suggested Sponsorship£10

Keepie-Uppie Personal Best

Challenge someone to do keepie uppies with a football or other object

Suggested Sponsorship£10

Your Home Office

Share a photo of your home office on social media with #CGDathome

Suggested Donation£10

Reverse Clothes

Sponsor someone to wear their work attire back to front

Suggested Sponsorship£10

LinkedIn Praise

Give a colleague praise or a formal recommendation on their LinkedIn profile #citygivingchamp

Suggested Donation£10

Your City Fact

Post a little-known fact about London to your LinkedIn profile #CGD

Suggested Donation £10

Wear Red

Post a photo of you wearing something red on social media #CGD #GoRed

Suggested Sponsorship£10

Bake Something Red

Challenge someone to make a red dish or dessert or bake a red themed cake and share a photo on social media #GoRed

Suggested Sponsorship£10

David Attenborough Impression

Challenge someone to do an impression of Sir David Attenborough

Suggested Sponsorship£15

Your best animal impression

Challenge yourself or a friend to share their best animal impression

Suggested Sponsorship£15

Run 5km in a Red Tie

Challenge someone to run 5km in a red tie or other item of red clothing

Suggested Sponsorship£20

Run, Walk or Cycle 10km+

Challenge someone to run, cycle or walk 10km+

Suggested Sponsorship£20

City Giving Day Selfie Frame

Challenge to post a picture on social media using the City Giving Day digital selfie frame

Download assets here
Suggested Sponsorship£10

Turn Social Media Red

Challenge someone to turn their social media red for City Giving Day using the templates on The Lord Mayor’s Appeal website

Download assets here

Suggested Sponsorship£10


Challenge someone to sing a song and post it to their social media feeds

Suggested Sponsorship£30

Confirm Donation Amount

Set your total donation amount to see the difference
your donation can make to our four charities.

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Choose a fixed amount

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The difference you'll make to our charities


10 children attend a vital lunch time session with a counsellor.


10 young people a membership to a Youth Zone with 20+ activities every day.


10 telephone calls for help from a person in need


10 young people starting a Bronze or Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.